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Java Software Architect



Here at Code Crafters by BT, the Software Architect can make intuitive high-level decisions for software development. Must see the “big picture” and create architectural approaches for software design and implementation to guide the development team.

A great software architect has a strong technical background and excellent IT skills. Experienced in designing and possess ability to develop a unified vision for software characteristics and functions.

The goal is to provide a framework for the development of a software or system that will result in high quality IT solutions.


Java Software Architect for upcoming projects:

  • Must understand the overall business ecosystem and collaborate with business representatives to determine the business-specific application needs, including both functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Must formalize the identified requirements in a clear and concise manner and create and maintain the high-level application documentation that will serve both the stakeholders and technical team throughout the whole application lifecycle.
  • Must be able to analyze the business requirements from a technical point of view and infer the architectural characteristics of the system.
  • Must be aware of the client’s ecosystem where the current system will be integrated in, so that they factor in the technical approach and delivery pattern, while considering the time to market and the budget as guardrails in the identified approach.
  • Having defined the architectural characteristics, must design the system in such a way that it meets the architectural targets as well as the business goals; must create and maintain the technical documentation that captures the different views of the application and that will serve as support for the technical team throughout the implementation and delivery stages.
  • Must be able to split the application design into small and independent deliverables so that the progress can be continuously tracked and assessed upon.
  • Collaborate with the technical team responsible for implementation to ensure the expected quality standards are met; together with the stakeholders define the application launch plan and continue to support the application's technical needs throughout its lifecycle. Define all aspects of development from appropriate technology and workflow to coding standards, quality gates. Successfully communicate all concepts and guidelines to development team.
  • Continuously adapt the system in response to the business changes, feedback from the end users and to keep up with the latest trends in the software industry.
  • Ensure software meets all requirements of *ilities (quality, security, modifiability, extensibility etc.).

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as software architect.
  • Experience with software development and coding in Java based technologies (Springboot, Java 11, etc.).
  • Excellent knowledge of software and application design and architecture.
  • Excellent knowledge of UML and/or other modeling methods.
  • A technical mindset with great attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication and presentation abilities, being able to convey technical concepts to all company levels.
  • MSc/MA in computer science, engineering, or relevant field experience.