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Java Developer



We designed Code Crafters by BT as a place where technological innovation and human touch come together in order to create high quality financial products. We give software developers the opportunity to build an international reputation for themselves, while crafting amazing financial products for people close to home, including friends and family.

Java developer for upcoming projects

  • Design and develop backend services and APIs to support project functionalities.  

  • Implement data models and database interactions as per project requirements.  

  • Ensure the security and scalability of backend components.  

  • Collaborate with the Frontend Developer and Process Engineers to integrate frontend and backend components.  

  • Perform testing, debugging, and optimization of backend code.  

  • Work closely with the Technical Lead to align the technical implementation with project goals.  

 What we offer: 

  • The opportunity to work for an innovative product. 

  • Attractive benefits package. 

  • The chance to work with people that are passionate about innovation and business evolution, determined to change the way we do banking today. 

  • Personal and professional development training and courses. 

  • Working environment and team that will make you enjoy the time spent in the office. 

  • Access to the latest technologies. 

  • Multiple online and offline benefits from our partners, nationwide. 

  • Helpful insights into the financial system domain. 

  • After work recreational activities, together with the team. 

  To perform in this role, we would like you to have: 

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or relevant experience – it is important to know the fundamental theories that guide a proficient developer, but we cherish even more your hands-on experience. 

  • Experience in development using Java 11 and Spring Boot 2. 

  • Strong experience with a Java unit testing framework. 

  • Strong understanding of Oracle or MSSQL database servers. 

  • Experience with build and deploy pipeline for Java based projects. 

 Nice to have experience with: 

  • Client-side technology (Angular). Being a full stack developer is a plus. 

  • Queuing technology (Kafka, Rabbit MQ, IBM MQ). 

  • Caching/indexing technology (Redis, Elasticsearch). 

  • Container based tools (Docker, Kubernetes - hosted or cloud). 

  • Monitoring systems like Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana (elk, efk).