Build close, go far.

We give software developers the opportunity to build an international reputation for themselves, while crafting amazing financial products for people close to home, including friends and family.


Core values

The best ideas come from a combination of logic, uncommon thinking, passion, and a deep understanding of what feels right. The products we build at Code Crafters are powerful, elegant, secure, and always easy to use.

Build something new

Have the courage to explore radical ideas, and know that you will be supported.  

Shine brighter

Bring your best ideas and push those ideas to their maximum.

Apply uncommon thinking

Find the best, most logical answer to a problem, then see if there’s anything hidden beneath.

Be a team player

Focus on the bigger picture. Software is done in teams, and we have a great one.

Stay healthy

Work hard, but respect your body and mind.

  • //The Code Crafters mission
  • To give Romanian developers
  • the freedom to craft and code
  • world-class financial
  • products.
  • //The Code Crafters mission
  • To give Romanian developers
  • the freedom to craft and code
  • world-class financial
  • products.
  • //The Code Crafters mission
  • To give Romanian developers
  • the freedom to craft and
  • code world-class financial
  • products.

Join us!


The Code Crafters brand is part of the Banca Transilvania family. BT has big plans for its +4 million customers, and big plans require the best local talent.

Code Crafters aims to find the next generation of Romanian software developers, and to give them the freedom to create innovative products for Romanians, while building an international reputation for themselves.


# About us

Part of the BT family, Code Crafters is backed by 30 years of innovation and experience. We hire Romania’s brightest, most ambitious software developers, and give them a blank canvas to craft financial products used by over 4 million people.

Code Crafters is where national pride meets the best, most ambitious software engineering talent.

What we do

Guiding ourselves by the software craftsmanship approach, we still believe that software remains a craft industry. There will always be a place for those who write code based on their unique knowledge.

At Code Crafters, we give professional developers the freedom to create world-class financial products for millions of Romanians. Backed by Banca Transilvania’s resources and experience, Code Crafters developers have a unique opportunity to let their brightest ideas shine.

We focus on building and delivering high-quality, scalable software products for our clients from different financial business areas like customer onboarding, insurance, payments, and many more using the latest technologies on the market.

Technologies /


.Net framework


Redis cache
Elastic search


Visual Studio
SQL Developer

Build and deploy

RedGate SQL Toolbelt






Why we do it

We believe that software engineering is a craft industry, and that Romania has some of the world’s brightest, most passionate and enthusiasts developers. Banca Transilvania has been innovating for nearly 30 years, and now we need a new generation of developers to build world-class financial products inside Romania.

As Romania’s only Romanian bank, we are proud of our heritage and our talent. We started Code Crafters to find our country’s best software developers, and to put their talent out there for the world to see.

From everyday payments apps and credit cards, to business banking and accounts for kids, Code Crafters and the BT family are already in millions of pockets.

We’re hiring a new generation of developers and coders to help redefine what’s possible.


Join us!

Why would a talented, enthusiast software developer join Code Crafters, instead of a brand new international startup? We think for a combination of three great reasons:

Code Crafters gives you the freedom and resources to build world-class financial products, with the support of an innovative bank that’s been growing for 30 years.

As a Code Crafters developer, you would be building products that directly serve millions of Romanians, including your own friends and family.

With the freedom and autonomy to let your best ideas shine, working at Code Crafters can set you up with an international reputation, launching a career full of opportunities.